Lectures: Projected in 3-D

Representing Architecture:
The Social Stereograph

Marilyn Morton

Nearly every prominent structure in existence between 1854 and 1940 was photographed in 3-dimensions and published commercially on stereo viewcards. This survey lecture examines the images, together with the texts that appear on the rear of each viewcard, providing a unique appraisal of how we described our built environment. The original viewcards have been expertly transferred to slides and are projected in stunning stereo.

Marilyn Morton Ph.D. received a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies from Emory University, Atlanta, for a dissertation entitled "The Social Stereoscope: Issues in American Cultural History." She teaches at the Atlanta College of Art and is a founding member of the Atlanta Stereoscopic Association. Her lectures on cultural aspects of stereography have been presented at UC/Berkeley, The International Stereoscopic Union (Frankfurt, Germany), and Emory University. "Representing Architecture" has been presented at Columbia University, The University of Michigan, North Carolina State University, The University of Kentucky and The University of Pennsylvania.

This lecture requires special stereoscopic projection and viewing equipment that is obtainable in most locations. For venues within driving distance of Knoxville or Atlanta, all equipment can be supplied. For other locations contact us for details.